Grow Instagram Followers

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Grow Instagram Followers

With this guide, you can make it big on Instagram and start rolling in the cash! All those famous Instagram Superstars that you read and heard about all started with zero followers, and with time and effort, they reached the stage where they are now. But who has the time to invest, am I right? 

There are many Instagram followers services from which you can get the guidance to increase your followers or buy real IG followers. Similarly, the following guidelines can quickly help you grow your Instagram followers from zero to millions. You need to use some of the finest tactics and create a proper Instagram marketing blueprint to reach your goal. 

There are five main Instagram tiers to Grow your IG followers:

  1. Less than 5k followers
  2. 5k – 50k followers
  3. 50k – 200k followers
  4. 200k – 1MM followers
  5. 1MM+ followers

First Step to Fame and Fortune

  • Profile Picture

A great profile picture can go a long way to start getting your followers. Tell the audience exactly who you are and what you do and start by posting some ideal posts.

  • Great Content

Never post anything with horrible content because that will be a deal-breaker. Always have a proper content strategy ready. Plan the perfect content, videos, and posts that you want to upload. 

Give people a reason to stay.

So, let’s start learning about the five tiers and how to achieve them.

Tier 1: Less than 5k followers

Your first step includes accepting follow requests of everyone irrespective of the target audience. It may consist of family members, friends, friends of friends, strangers, work colleagues, random people from the internet asking about your services. It will increase your followers to about 200 – 400. Great tactic, right?

Tier 2: 5k – 50k followers

The first step is always the hardest but be happy that you have crossed it. Now you will notice that your followers will increase every day, but you have to put in the extra effort like posting consistently, insta stories, regularly comment at the posts and use hashtags.

Tier 3: 50k – 200k followers

I know that you correctly have gotten more than 50 followers but no time to take a rest. It would be best if you were more aggressive because you will increase your audience by four times. New tactics that you can apply here get featured on larger accounts, influencer accounts swap, post your post on different platforms.

Tier 4: 200k – 1MM followers

Many congratulations, you are now in the big leagues. But there is still a little way to go. The most famous strategy is thunderclap strategy. In this strategy, you have to create a team with your friends and continuously give shoutouts to each other. And slowly and gradually increase the team. The second effective strategy is to make influential friends, and lastly, try to get featured outside of the Instagram platform.

Tier 5: 1MM+ followers

You are famous now, but you can keep increasing your target audience by following Instagram growth services or strategies that include selling courses, speaking at sessions, creating and selling books. 

So now you can sit back and relax and think of different ways to spend your well-earned money. Yes, there are many sites to buy Instagram followers, and one of the best and unexcelled service is ours. So, now meet Shirley and get a walkthrough here.

Grow Instagram Followers