About Us

CRMAmplify is downloadable software that works in conjunction with a CRM application. The software seamlessly integrates with most CRM applications; while running in the background and materially improve CRM Strategies. The software is owned and operated by E&J New Media.

Our Mission

CRMAmplify provides innovative, enlightened and data-driven solutions to our clients that as a result generates growth. The firm’s mission is to provide clients with specialized interactive marketing tools, innovative design, and flawless execution. We also understand that an ever-changing media environment creates new challenges as well as opportunities. Our unique technology, above all, allows organizations to focus their efforts on predicting prospective leads that convert to sales.

 Our Services

CRMAmplify was launched in 2008 by parent company E&J New Media. Our technology is easy to use and self-servicing while providing material value to our clients. CRMAmplify connects to most CRM software resulting in a single login while providing clients with actionable strategies that influence campaign growth.

Choosing CRMAmplify

Our services are cost-effective and proven to increase conversion as much as 75%. Regardless of business size, we provide account support which includes:

  • Customer Support
  • Account Assessment
  • Real-time modeling
  • Specialized industry conversion rate assessments
  • And more!

Payments accepted:

Accepting all major credit cards

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