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What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is not software in itself. CRM is a process of systematically dealing with all components of customer interaction within a business. The process of CRM Strategy realistically compiles data within a single database application which is referred to as the CRM Application.

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Importance of a CRM Strategy:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy coupled with the right software or application will enable the development of deeper and profitable portfolio. CRM generally increase ROI through customer engagement. The process provides a macro view of customers which enables a business to deploy client facing interactions; while also making informed decisions when putting together strategies within sales, marketing, and customer service related fields.

With the right CRM software or application, a business can reduce costs and increase profitability by allowing users to organize; automate and synchronize processes that cultivate customer satisfaction and loyalty to the business. Above all the primary users of a CRM are typically users in the business fields that deal with:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • and technical support.

What is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring is used to rank prospects against on a scale of perceived value to the organization. A sales and marketing practice that attributes a score on leads hence shows position within the buying cycle and fit with regards to your business.

Lead scoring helps identify whether prospects need to be fast-tracked through the purchasing funnel, or further engaged and nurtured to convert into a sale.

Above all the objective is to raise lead awareness on converting sales vs. leads that require additional optimization.


CRMAmplify has changed the game by bringing in dynamic modeling that looks at each unique campaign in real time. As conditions change, CRMAmplify is able to react and adapt creating new models on the fly to reflect new conditions. Similarly, if prospects change their behavior due to a shift in the campaign, such as a new ad or spokesperson, CRMAmplify will take those factors into account to create a new model.

The CRMAmplify process is industry agnostic; yet proven most effective for businesses that process a high volume of client contact through call centers. The CRMAmplify process can help consequently improve conversion rates for the business of any size.

The Process

The genesis point is a database of sales leads provided by the client whether through a CRM platform or something as basic as a spreadsheet. Each of those leads is then run through the proprietary CRMAmplify algorithm, which compares them to leads that have, or haven’t, converted to sales in the past. CRMAmplify analyzes all the data available about previous buyers and compares it to the profile of the current crop of sales leads. Each lead is then given a % score indicating performance on a campaign, in order to make predictions about the likelihood of conversion.

The scores are specific to the client and campaign; a huge differentiator from the common practice of using a generic, one-size-fits-all algorithm. CRMAmplify understands that each campaign is different and what might suggest a likely conversion rate based on industry, therefore, yielding results. The suggested conversion rate for a telecom provider won’t have the same as a mortgage broker.

If the client doesn’t have the historical record, because they are new, they can use CRMAmplify in conjunction with their CRM software and build their database as they move forward, most importantly CRMAmplify’s dynamic modeling will learn and adapt as the business grows.

CRMAmplify operates seamlessly behind the scenes. The platform contains all the information the prospect provided in filling out the lead form (age range, marital status, homeowner or renter, number of children, income range, zip code, etc.) but all that matters to the salesperson is the contact information and the conversion score.

CRMAmplify Integration

Users can easily download the CRMAmplify software onto their desktops; allowing them to work in a familiar environment without ever having to log on to a third-party website. Furthermore, CRMAmplify has a seamless integration with most CRM strategy software.

Finally being able to separate the live leads from the dead ones enables greater operational efficiency by:

  • eliminating the need to chase prospects that are unlikely to convert,
  • likewise, converting prospects to actual sales
  • and develop an actional CRM Strategy for the long-term.

The key benefits of CRMAmplify include:

  • Marketers can direct their media efforts towards individuals, who will convert,
  • Marketers can turn profiles into actionable plans to increase ROI,
  • And efforts are never wasted! Learn more about us.

We’re compatible with:

Netsuite CRM Strategy software
Salesforce CRM Strategy software

and all other major CRM services!

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